"I've worked with Two Blue since 2014 and have been very satisfied with their services. They manage my condo as I moved to Denver for work. 

Pros: Very responsive and proactive. I find that they think of things that I would not have considered and are thorough with their correspondence. They have provided good guidance at various times throughout the process. It is important for me to not have any surprises especially around costs for repairs. Two Blue has always provided quotes for repairs (usually more than one) and advice if the amount is reasonable since they deal with this stuff all the time. They have even told me if there might be things coming up that need to be replaced based on their age which I appreciate to help me plan. Issues / surprises always come up and it's how your vendor handles them that shows their true nature. Based on my experience, I would continue to work with Two Blue for years to come. 

Cons:  I actually had to think hard about this. I would say the only con with my experience was that I didn't realize I had access to their site to see my financials and doc storage. I wish I had asked for access earlier, but once I did they sent me the login info immediately. In retrospect they probably told me about the site and I forgot."

Andrew Urban, Property Owner - Chicago, IL