Even after the numerous tasks for listing a property have been completed there is still work to be done is order to be fully prepared for new tenants at your rental property. In order to properly welcome the new tenants there are a few things that should be considered.

The Search for a Tenants

First, screening the possible tenants. This can be a little awkward at times, but is extremely important because you want to find serious tenants that will not cause any issues with the property. The primary thing to do is to ask questions to determine how motivated the potential tenants are. People that are looking to move in the next few days or even the next day indicate that they are not good planners and are probably not the type of tenants you want. On the other hands, tenants that are looking to move in several months should also be avoided as they are not immediately motivated to begin renting. There is a sweet spot in between the distant future and the next day that you as the property manager need to determine. A good place to start to find that time frame is to check the potential tenants credit, background, and criminal records. No evictions, steady work, and a clean criminal record usually indicate a good tenant.


The next step after a tenant has been selected is to collect the first month’s rent upfront and a security deposit. From there the following measure is the leasing agreement. This is the best way to express rules for the property such as: whether or not smoking is okay, the amount of roommates that can be living there at any given time, or any specifics on how rent payments should be made.


Welcoming the Tenants

Once all the technical arrangements are made the final step in the process is creating a welcoming environment for the tenants. Flowers or a gift basket is a nice gesture. Another option as a welcome gift could be household essentials such as paper towels or bottled water; since moving can be frustrating, these little items are sometimes over looked. New tenants typically really appreciate the thought of a gift in general. An exceptionally nice gesture would be a nice bottle of wine or craft beer from a local shop in the neighborhood to show that the new tenants are welcome to the neighborhood.