With a Chicago winter right around the corner, it is never too soon to start preparing your home for the colder months. With years of property management across all different types of buildings, Two Blue Property Management has narrowed down some tips that certain to make your home last a lifetime. 

  1. Family safety check. Never too soon to make sure all O2 sensors, smoke detectors, and a fire escape plan are up to date.
  2. Check windows for cracked weather stripping to ensure a tight seal. Having exposed cracks in your window can be a huge drain on your heating bill. Adding new weather stripping or caulk can make sure you have a cozy winter! 
  3. Gutter maintenance. See our in depth article here! 
  4. Inspect your roof. A simple roof inspection can go a long way during the cold months, as it will help insulate heat and shed melting snow. 
  5. Get a professional inspection. Before your heater gets any use this winter, consider having it professionally inspected. This will ensure optimal performance and reliability, saving you from a middle of a snowstorm emergency. 
  6. Winterizing a sprinkler system can save you thousand of dollars on a replacement. Make sure the pipes are empty and sealed will stop ice from rupturing them in a freeze. 
  7. Furnace filters should be changed monthly during the winter to ensure optimal airflow. This is a great way to reduce power consumption and lower your heating bill. 
  8. Insulating pipes can save you money in electric costs as well as prevent a disastrous pipe burst.